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Mother of Pearl Studs - Triangle

Mother of Pearl Studs - Triangle
Mother of Pearl Studs - Triangle

Mother of Pearl Studs - Triangle


Triangle-cut mother of pearl electroplated in recycled brass with a 24K gold overlay. Attached to stainless steel post with 24K gold overlay.

Materials: 24K Gold Over Recycled Brass, 24K Gold Over Stainless Steel Post

Shell Type: Mother of Pearl

Healing Properties: Calming, Charity, Purity 

Shape: Triangle

Size: 8mm

Variations: Offered in a variety of shapes: Circle, Triangle

Style Number: LFE211


The Shell Collection features Abalone and Mother of Pearl. The shells are extremely unique in that they are the only gems from living sea creatures and require no faceting or polishing to reveal their natural beauty. Collection is a curation of studs and necklaces. 

*One-of-a-kind: The pieces in this collection are one-of-a-kind, meaning each stone takes on it’s own unique natural form. All photos shown are samples. Product ordered will look very similar.

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