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Artist Feature: Anna Edholm

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We found this artist's work via @artforbreakfast. We are so inspired by this style of Anna Edholm's - where the paint technique almost resembles our precious stones! Take a peak and read an article interview regarding this stunning artwork that was featured by Aesthetica Magazine.

"Self taught Swedish artist Anna Edholm works with layers of acrylic paint on canvas. With her abstract designs aim to direct the viewer to use their own imagination and to find patterns and meanings of their own among colors and forms. She experiments with multiple materials and tools to give her work an engaging and striking appearance with both the use of both thin fluid colors as well as thick layers to provide contrast and texture." -Aesthetica

Aesthetica: Tell us more about the work that is in the magazine and your inspiration for your pieces.

AE: The work featured in called Epiphany and it is one of my personal favourites. If you look at it from a distance you might see a connection in all the patterns and when you go closer you will see that each small part tells its own story. Hopefully it gives the observer a feeling of peace and at the same time it is slightly chaotic, a bit like mosaics. I like when somethings are left to imagination. I find inspiration in everything around me and in me, in thoughts and memories for example.

Aesthetica: Your work uses layers of acrylic paint, when did you start using this technique and what are your influences?
AE: I have always been fascinated by texture and I think it is one of the best things about painting because everything tends to feel so much more alive with an exciting texture. You might see things in different ways depending on the angle and it gives you a completely different depth. The four elements, earth, wind, fire and water are always in the back of my mind when I work, so of course a lot of inspiration is found in them. It is very hard to say exactly when I started to use this technique, it has been developed more and more over the years.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 2.48.16 PM.png

Aesthetica: You are a self-trained artist, how did you develop your style of work?
AE: I have been trying different mediums and techniques and I still do! One of the things I enjoy most is to find new tools for painting. I cant’t remember the last time I used a brush. The thing is to discover new ways to create all the time, otherwise you become so limited. When I paint I am very eager and impatient which I have been struggling with. Sometimes I forget that the paint actually needs to dry before the next layer. But there is one of the advantages with acrylic paint – the short drying time!

Aesthetica: What are your greatest achievements in your work so far?
 Every time I create something I really feel proud of, that is a great achievement. I can’t do anything halfheartedly so I don’t quit trying until everything feels right. To get appreciation for what you do is also a fantastic feeling. When something that you have created can bring joy to other people. Painting caught me at an early age, I have lovet it since I was a child but at that time I wanted to paint photo realistically and my dream was to illustrate books. I guess I can say that my style has changed a little since then.

Aesthetica Magazine: What do you have planned for the future?
 To paint! I just take the day as it comes but at the same time I am excited about what the future might have in stall for me. I just want to create as much as possible, discover new places and be inspired, evolve and grow. Of course I want to display what I do, I want to reach a bigger audience so that more people can rejoice with me. At the moment I am opening my own webshop to make it easier for possible buyers.

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About Aesthetica Magazine

Aesthetica is a British art and culture magazine. Founded in 2002, Aesthetica Magazine covers photography, visual art, music, film and theatre. It has a readership of over 284,000 and national and international distribution. The magazine includes features on art, film, music and performance, highlighting notable new exhibitions around the world and showcasing photography.

The magazine’s primary focus is on contemporary visual art and artists previously covered include Steve McQueen, Martin Creed, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Ernesto Neto among others. Aesthetica devotes a number of its pages to photography and has featured photo essays from artists such as Richard Tuschman and Stephen Shore. Other articles have explored subjects such as European art and politics, the development of light art, and art in architecture.