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Leslie Francesca Designs based out of Berekley, California strives to embrace natural elements within collections of handmade jewelry. 


Labradorite Studs - Hexagon


Labradorite Studs - Hexagon


Iridescent hexagon-cut labradorite electroplated in recycled brass with a 24K gold overlay. Attached to stainless steel post with 24K gold overlay.

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Materials: 24K Gold Over Recycled Brass, 24K Gold Over Stainless Steel Post
Stone: Labradorite 
Shape: Hexagon
Size: Square
Variations: Offered in a variety of shapes: Hexagon, Square
Style Number: LFE224

Labradorite Collection

The Labradorite Collection is a play on shapes and features unique labradorite pieces, each rock composed in aggregate layers that refract light as iridescent flashes of peacock blue, gold, pale green, and coppery red. Collection is a curation of necklaces and rings.

Healing Properties: Strength, Protection, Intuition

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