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Handcrafted Process


Handcrafted in Berkeley, California

The beauty of our collections reflects the spirit of Leslie Francesca Designs. Creating jewelry takes a keen eye for shape, color, and form. Other key aspects of the design process are sourcing and quality control. With her intense passion for gemology and a strong sense of entrepreneurship, Leslie puts every ounce of energy into her designs - creating innovative and personable curated collections.

A special thanks goes out to all who appreciate and support the artists and makers of the world, and who contribute to small businesses and local entrepreneurs. We must work together to highlight the importance of handmade and handcrafted goods in our overwhelming world of synthetic product and mass production. Let's keep the hand in handmade.



The Process

Using high-quality gold materials, our collections feature 14K gold fill chains and 24K gold overlay that is shaped and electroplated to each stone. Leslie works directly with stone manufacturers and cutting houses for naturally sourced materials. The studs in our collections are 24K gold over stainless steel or recycled brass if noted. All earrings have a gold fill ear wire. Necklaces have an 18” or 24” 14K gold fill or sterling silver chain. Ring materials are 24K gold over recycled brass, or sterling silver if noted.



Leslie works directly with stone manufacturers and cutting houses for naturally sourced materials. 


Selecting Stones

The first step of the design process is to individually go through each rough stone to pick only those that offer the very best quality. With her passion, knowledge, and understanding of stones and gems from her studies at the Gemological Institute of America in Los Angeles, Leslie selects the highest quality pieces for her jewelry lines. Quality is based on the pureness of the stone, the vibrancy of the color, and whether or not the natural shape is appropriate for her line. 



Next comes the decision about what type of jewelry each stone is best suited for based on size and shape. This step is where the creativity comes in. Whether it will be made into a necklace, ring, cuff, or earring, the potential for each stone is almost endless. The design process is founded in a simple idea that flourishes into a piece of jewelry - the most rewarding part of the process!


Cutting, Electroplating, Bezel Setting

The building, cutting, and electroplating then takes place to bring the design to life. We shape and electroplate the stones with a 24K gold over recycled brass for a clean, crisp, and beautiful golden finish. Some styles are bezel-set with 24K gold over recycled brass. Quality 14K gold-fill chains are used for necklaces, and 14K gold-fill ear wires for earrings.